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151 "Under the old Military law, Walter was a Major of the Militia. Walter and his brother Thomas inherited the home farm on McKinney's Run. Walter and wife Margaret are buried in the cemetery in the little town of McWhorter, WV, where with them lie fifteen of their seventeen children" McWhorter, Walter Fields Maj (I3415)
152 "Without the advantage of a college education, through his tireless energy and studious application, he attained eminence in the medical profession. Dr. McWhorter was an extensive farmer as well as a physicaian, and with his sons, operated a fine farm in the Hackers Creek District. He was ordained a local minister in the M.E. Church, South, but later retired therfrom and joined the Universalist Church, whose doctrines he expoused openly for many years". McWhorter, John Minion Rev. (I3432)
153 (illiegible) Veiths household. 2 males under 10; 1 male 40-50; 2 females under 10; 1 female 20-30 Lange, Mary Amelia (I8707)
154 (Koski Tl - Koskis Abo l - christened) Genealogical Society of Finland Hiski Project
24.11.1789 26.11.1789 Hångisto Mikola Bond. Simon Joh:son Lisa Matsdr Elisabeth
Mikola, Lisa Simonsdotter Kattelus, Seppa (I1460)
155 (Maybe Orange County, New York) Donaldson, Mary Jane (I5077)
156 (Medical):1983 Cancer of rectum / 1986 Stroke Ysker, Henry George (I5488)
157 (Medical):Advanced Cerebral athuercleusis & senility Newton, Florence Adaline (I5)
158 (Medical):Contributory cause- Nephritis of mother Schnurer, Baby Boy (I2675)
159 (Medical):Diabetes - Focal fat necrosis in head of pancreas Peters, Margaret Ruth (I35)
160 (Medical):Due to hypertension with marked heart enlargement. Schnurrer, Frank Ignatius (I362)
161 (Medical):George McKay Minnesota Death Certificate Transcription
St. Louis County Certificate # 1093 MN State Certificate # 1931-MN-026782
Place of Death - St. Louis County, City of Duluth, St. Luke's Hospital
Full Name - George McKay
Residence - Metropole Hotel
Length of Residence in city or town where death occurred - 30 yrs
Male - White - Widower Spouse - Ada Newton McKay
Age - 59 yr 7 mo 29 days
Occupation - Fireman Industry - Steamship
Date last worked at occupation - November 15, 1931
Father's name - John McKay Father's birthplace - Scotland
Mother's name - Cathering McLeod Mother's birthplace - Scotland
Informant - Christine McKenzie of Lucknow, Ontario, Canada
I hereby certify that I attended deceased from Nov 27, 1931 to Nov 29, 1931.
I last saw _ alive on Nov 29 1931 and that the death occurred on the date state above at 9:30 p.m.
The cause of death was as follows: Acute intestinal obstruction - duration 3 days Contributary - Diabetes Melitus
Did opereation precede death - yes
If so state condition for which it was undertaken - appendicitus
Date of operation 11/28/1931
Was there an autopsy - no
Signed... SH Boyer, MD Duluth, MN
Burial - Ashland, Wis., 12/2/31
Mortuary - Crawford Mortuary of Duluth, MN 
McKay, George (I867)
162 (Medical):On November 3, 1975, Edwin fell on sidewalk at Rice and Como avenue in St. Paul, MN. He had a faint spell while walking to the bus, fell and hit head on the sidewalk. Kroeger, Edwin Robert (I4124)
163 (Medical):Other significant conditions contributing to but not related to the immediate cause of death given: Arteriosclerotic heart disease, uremia, and chronic brain syndrome with cerebral arteriosclerosis with pyschotic reaction. Schnurer, Mathias (I81)
164 (Medical):Other significant conditions contributing to but not related to the immediate cause of death given: Chronic Nephritis Otremba, Mary Josephine (I82)
165 (Medical):Poisonous vapors thought to infect the air Miller, Alfred Donaldson (I4541)
166 (Medical):See attached sources. Simonsson, Johan (I1734)
167 (Medical):See attached sources. Otremba, August William (I2196)
168 (Medical):See attached sources. Otremba, Franz Seraph Sr. (I2274)
169 (Medical):See attached sources. Schnurrer, Mashion (I2676)
170 (Medical):See attached sources. Adensam, Christina Mary (I3169)
171 (Medical):See attached sources. Ysker, John (I5555)
172 (Medical):See attached sources. Wollschlager, Bruno P. (I5572)
173 (Medical):See attached sources. Henkels, Charlotte Margaret (I5670)
174 (Medical):See attached sources. Wollschlager, Ruth Lisa (I5984)
175 (Medical):Victor was born about 30 days prematureand lived for about 12 hours. Schnurrer, Victor (I371)
176 (No Land) Garrison, Shadrach (I930)
177 (No Land) Garrison, Shadrach (I930)
178 (No Land) Garrison, Shadrach (I930)
179 (no land) Garrison, Shadrach (I930)
180 (Not positively proven as Shadrack Garrison's daughter - as per Isaac Garrison Book page 348) Garrison, Mary "Polly" (I958)
181 (Research):
MacAtee/McAtee and Allied Families ~ Cheryl Bogowitz ~ accessed 16 July 2011

She married THOMAS DAVIS. THOMAS DAVIS was named as the administrator of ELEANOR PEACOCK, t he sister of MARY ABELL DAVIS.
THOMAS DAVIS wrote his will on 1/19/1711 and it was probated on 7/31/1718 (14:685). He gave a shilling to his son SAMUEL DAVIS and left his entire estate to his wife MARY, whom he named as his executrix. Although his will was not probated until 1718, he was deceased by 4/9/1712 when the first inventory was taken of his estate, valued at £26.07.06 (33B:12). SAMUEL ABELL and MARY PEACOCK were given as his next of kin, and the inventory stated he was the executor of ELEANOR PEACOCK.
MARY DAVIS, the widow of THOMAS DAVIS, died shortly after her husband since her brother JOHN ABELL administered the DAVIS estate, as well as the estate of ELEANOR PEACOCK In the next accounting the estate of THOMAS DAVIS was valued at £49.13.00 on 6/29/1714 (Acc't 36A:159). On 7/31/1719 WILLIAM BREWER made the final administration of THOMAS DAVIS' estate and mention is made that THOMAS DAVIS's wife (unnamed) is deceased. At this date £67.11.02 went to SAMUEL DAVIS (Acc't 2:120). 
Abell, Mary (I8445)
182 (Research):
Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957
Name:«tab»Elling Ellingson
Ellingsen, Elling (I10614)
183 (Research):"Colonial Families of the United States of America" (edited by George Norbury MacKensie 1912, Genealogical Publishing Co. 1995) states on Pg: 229-232, "Thomas Forrest and his wife, "Mistress" Forrest, came from England to Jamestown, VA., with their only child, Peter, aged seven years, in 1608, with Capt. Newport. It is stated that Mistress Forrest was the first gentlewoman to arrive in the Colony. The marriage of her maid, Ann Burras, to John Laydon is said to be the first marriage to take place in Virginia. The Forrests, with other Virginia families, removed to St. Mary's Co., MD., in 1635. Their only child Peter Forrest, b. circa 1601; d. 1665; m. and left issue...Patrick, William, James, John, and Thomas." Peter's name does not appear on the ship's manifest. Jamestown Archaeologists found that Mistress Forrest did not remove to St. Mary's County in 1635, because she died within months of arriving in Jamestown in 1608. English records show that Peter's son Patrick married in England. Thus,either the family travelled back to England, or that Thomas Forrest's children did not come over to the colonies until later. At this time, it appears that Peter came over later, perhaps as a married man with his family to St. Mary's County, Maryland. Peter and his son Patrick is a direct ancestor of Uriah Forrest.

As is law in England at the time, Thomas's elder brother Miles inherited the title to their father's estates and the younger Thomas set out for the adventure of securing new land in a new colony. Thomas was a member of the Virginia Company (also known as the Charter of the Virginia Company of London or the London Company that established the colony. According to Seven Hundred Years of the Beville Family ISBN 0788413295[11] Thomas' grandmother, Katherine Beville (wife of Miles Forrest) was descended from, among others, William De Beville (Le Sire [lord] de Beville], who came to England with William the Conqueror in 1066 and fought in the Battle of Hastings. In this pivotal time in English history, the power of the landed gentry for whom wealth was land, was giving way to the rising class of merchants, for whom wealth was trade in shippable goods, such as gold, tea and tobacco. Thomas was one of the gentry who made the transition from the old to the new.

In the 1990s archaeologists found the grave of Margaret Forrest. Dr. Douglas Owsley, forensic anthropologist at the Smithsonian Institution Museum of Natural History, oversaw the testing. As noted in volume 257 Number 48 ~ © 1998, The Salt Lake Tribune, "The identification of Forrest, officially known as archaeological object "JR156C," was made by dating artifacts at the gravesite to the year 1608. The woman's social rank was clear from the elaborate pinewood coffin she was buried in, which would not have been used for a servant. No remnants of clothing were found. The early colonists were buried either naked or wrapped in shrouds. "Clothing then was too valuable to bury with the dead," Luccketti (Nicholas Luccketti, senior archaeologist for the preservation association's "Jamestown Rediscovery Project.") said. Smithsonian isotope analysis also determined her diet was wheat rather than corn, which marked her as a woman high on the food chain and a recent arrival from England, he said. According to Owsley's analysis, she was Caucasian, 4 feet (1.2 m), 8 inches tall and about 35 years old. "That was very old in those days," Luccketti said."[12] 
Forrest, Thomas Esq. (I8513)
184 (Research):* She married WILLIAM HEBB, the son of THOMAS HEBB. They were the parents of two known children . CATHERINE died prior to her husband.
* WILLIAM HEBB married secondly PRISCILLA MILLER, the daughter of JOHN MILLER.
* WILLIAM HEBB wrote his will on 10/2/1718 and it was probated on 1/9/1719 (15:10). His son WILLIAM HEBB was to receive the dwelling plantation, leased land, and personalty when he was 20 years of age. * His son MATTHEW HEBB was to receive "Small Hogs" and personalty when he was 20 years of age.
* If his wife PRISCILLA married again, then his brother THOMAS HEBB was to care for his sons and their inheritance until they were 20 years old. His brother THOMAS HEBB was named as the overseer of his will and was to receive 500 pounds of tobacco yearly. His wife PRISCILLA was named as his executrix. The estate of WILLIAM HEBB was appraised on 4/23/1719 , valued at £122.10.00. RICHARD FORREST was one of the appraisers.
* JAMES BAKER married the widow PRISCILLA MILLER HEBB, and administered WILLIAM HEBB's estate. The next of kin on the inventory of WILLIAM HEBB were THOMAS HEBB, JR., JOSEPH HEBB, and WILLIAM SWALE (Inv. 2:87).
* When PRISCILLA MILLER HEBB BAKER wrote her will on 10/29/1739 she named her sons THOMAS MILLER, JAMES MILLER, JOHN BAKER, and WILLIAM HEBB (step-son), and mentioned land her father JOHN MILLER had bought (22:140). 
Forrest, Catherine (I8112)
185 (Research):- John Walter BOARMAN b: 22 Apr 1824 in Bryantown, Charles, MD c: in St Mary Church, Bryantown, Charles, MD
- Joseph Sylvester BOARMAN b: 2 Jul 1826 in Bryantown, Charles, MD c: in St Mary Church, Bryantown, Charles, MD
- Mary Julia BOARMAN b: 1828 in Bryantown, Charles, MD c: in St Mary Church, Bryantown, Charles, MD
- William Ignatius BOARMAN b: 24 Aug 1831 in Bryantown, Charles, MD c: in St Mary Church, Bryantown, Charles, MD
- Ellen Rose BOARMAN b: 25 Apr 1836 in , Charles, MD c: in St Mary Church, Bryantown, Charles, MD
- Emily Mary BOARMAN b: 29 Nov 1838 in Bryantown, Charles, MD c: in St Mary Church, Bryantown, Charles, MD
- Richard Thomas BOARMAN b: 4 Apr 1842 in Bryantown, Charles, MD c: in St Mary Church, Bryantown, Charles, MD
- Albert J BOARMAN b: 14 Mar 1845 in Bryantown, Charles, MD c: in St Mary Church, Bryantown, Charles, MD 
Boarman, Walter Fairfax (I7993)
186 (Research):119th Infantry Illinois Volunteers - Company A
Veith, Charles E. ? 
Veith, Charles E. (I8718)
187 (Research):12. Deacon David'^, son of {Thomas'^ , Thomas^) and
Hannah (Dumbleton) Merrick, born Feb. 23, 1699, at
Springfield, Mass. Married, Jan. 28, 1735, Mary Col-
ton; she died Jan. 1792, aged 82 years. Deacon David
was prominent in the First Church of Springfield for
many years; was a small shopkeeper in town, and also
owned a farm which he worked; was constable, and -held
other offices in the town government; his name appears
five times in the town records. He died in November,
i. Mary, b. Oct. 28, 1735; m. Jan. 15, 1761. Reuben Chapin; d. Oct., 1800.
ii. David, b. May 22, 1739; d. in a foreign country,
iii. Thomas, b. May 16, 1741 ; d. Feb. 6, 1742.
iv. Lois, b. Oct. 12, 1743; m. , 1766, Samuel Day. 
Mirick-Merrick, Deacon David (I8653)
188 (Research):1870 US Census - Claremont, Richland County, Illinois
Page 17 ~ Dwell/Family 119/119 Line 24
SUINER ADAM 55 M W Farmer $2700 $400 Hess Darmstedt; SUSAN 54 F W Keeping house Pennsylvania; JAMES M 19 M W Ohio; LEWIS 17 M W Ohio; MARY C 16 F W Ohio; SARAH J 13 F W Ohio; NOAH A 11 M W Ohio; ELIZABETH LEWIS 23 F W Ohio 
Sinner, James M. (I8795)
189 (Research):1900 United States Federal Census
about Euclide Hust
Name: Euclide Hust
[Euclid Hurt]
Home in 1900: Amity, Bottineau, North Dakota
Age: 39
Estimated birth year: abt 1861
Birthplace: Kentucky
Relationship to head-of-house: Head
Spouse's name: Rebeca M
Race: White
Occupation: View image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Euclide Hust 39
Rebeca M Hust 39
Vy Hust 13
Claud Hust 12
Harrel Hust 2
John Behan 29 
Garrison, Rebecca (I1077)
190 (Research):1900 United States Federal Census
about Lucy Mc Arthur
Name: Lucy Mc Arthur
[Lucy McArtha]
Home in 1900: Bottineau, Bottineau, North Dakota
Age: 25
Estimated birth year: abt 1875
Birthplace: Kentucky
Relationship to head-of-house: Wife
Race: White
Occupation: View image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Mc Arthur 42
Lucy Mc Arthur 25
Lillian P Mc Arthur 11
Eunice Mc Arthur 4
Archie B Mc Arthur 2

1910 United States Federal Census
about Lucy K McArthur
Name: Lucy K McArthur
Age in 1910: 44
Estimated birth year: abt 1866
Birthplace: Kentucky
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Father's Birth Place: Kentucky
Mother's Birth Place: Kentucky
Spouse's name: Duncan B
Home in 1910: Haskell Ward 3, Muskogee, Oklahoma
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Gender: Female
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Duncan B McArthur 48
Lucy K McArthur 44
Eunice McArthur 14
Azekie B McArthur 12

1920 United States Federal Census
about Lucy McArthur
Name: Lucy McArthur
Home in 1920: Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 54 years
Estimated birth year: abt 1866
Birthplace: Kentucky
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Spouse's name: D B
Father's Birth Place: Kenya
Mother's Birth Place: Kenya
Marital Status: Married
Race: White
Sex: Female
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Image: 956
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
D B McArthur 63
Lucy McArthur 54
Eunice McArthur 22

1930 United States Federal Census
about Lucy McArthur
Name: Lucy McArthur
Home in 1930: Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Age: 65
Estimated birth year: abt 1865
Birthplace: Kentucky
Relation to Head of House: Head
Race: White
Military Service:
Rent/home value:
Age at first marriage:
Parents' birthplace:
View image
Neighbors: View others on page
Household Members:
Name Age
Lucy McArthur 65
Eunice McArthur 30
Archey B McArthur 32
Dorothy McArthur 26
Joan McArthur 7
Franklin W Kaufman 26
Homer Ezra Trimble 37 
Garrison, Lucy K. (I1078)
191 (Research):1900 US Census - Mankato Ward 2 ED 18 Sheet 1B June 1 1900 Herman G Koch household.
Dwell/Family 14/21 Herman G Koch Hed white male Nov 1852 47 divorced 3yr Ger-Ger-Ger 1878 22 naturalized carpet weaver 
Koch, Herman G. (I5238)
192 (Research):1910 US Federal Census 25 April 1910
Bad River Indian Reservation - Ashland County - Wisconsin
ED 19 - Sheet 32B - Dwell/Family # 99/111 - Line 55 - Charles O. Jordon household.
Yelmini John - Boarder - male white 26 single - Italy - Italy - Italy - immigrated 1907 papers filed - Laborer - Lumber Mill 
Aelmini, John (I807)
193 (Research):1920 US Federal Census
Lake Twp., Price County, Wisconsin - 3 February 1920
ED 171 Sheet 15B Dwell/Family 274/281 Line 60 Roy Gordon household.

Enumerated as:
Peters, Mat / Boarder / male / white / 32 / single / born in WI / father born in MN / mother born in WI / Laborer in logging camp 
Peters, Mathew Patrick (I422)
194 (Research):1st wife of Joshiah CHAPIN.116
Mary King, of Weymouth, Mass, daug. John and Dorothy King, b. June 15, 163964
"Josiah, son of the immigrant Samuel, resided at Weymouth and later at Mendon, Mass. He was the father by his first wife, Mary King, whom he married in 1658, of eleven children, Samuel, John (died without issue), Mary, Deborah (died young), Josiah (died in early manhood, without issue), Shem (died young), Seth, Joseph (died unmarried), Henry (died young), Ephraim, and another Deborah. He had further issue by his second wife, the Widow Lydia (nee Brown) Pratt, of Ipswich, whom he married in 1676, of Lydia, Sarah, David (died at twenty-four years of age, probably without issue), and Hannah. He had a third wife, named Mehitable Metcalf, whom he married in 1713, but had no children." 
King, Mary (I4570)
195 (Research):2 18 1953 letter from Frances says not married or divorced frpm Fred Peters, Frances P. (I411)
196 (Research):
Martha Crawford Abell

On August 2, 1832, Edmund Pendleton Hunter married Martha C. Abell, daughter of John and Sarah (Forrest) Abell. She was born in Jefferson County, and her parents came from St. Mary's County, Maryland. Colonel Hunter and wife reared seven children, named: Sarah, Maj. Robert W., Elizabeth J., David, John Abell, Martha C. and Mary Louisa. The daughter Sarah was the wife of Peyton Harrison, who is else where referred to. The son David was killed at the battle of Cedar Creek in 1864. Martha C. became the wife of Harry Riddle and Mary Louisa married John H. Doll.

Col. Edmund Pendleton Hunter, son of David and Elizabeth (Pendleton) Hunter, was born in 1809, acquired an education at Jefferson College and was admitted to the bar in Berkeley County in 1831. He became owner and editor of the Martinsburg Gazette. He had many interesting associations with public men of his day. He attended thp Young Men's Convention in Washington, where he heard Henry

Clay speak, and ever afterward was an ardent supporter of that great Kentuckian. Colonel Hunter succeeded General Boyd as commonwealth's attorney for Berkeley County, and he served in the Virginia House of Delegates during 1834-35 and 1839-41. During the war between the states he commanded the Sixty-seventh Regiment of Virginia Volunteers. He rose to the highest honors in the Masonic fraternity in his state, and was a member of the Episcopal Church. refs:The History of West Virginia, Old and New Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, Volume III, pg. 242-243 Berkeley County. wv/wv-footsteps/1999/v99-19.txt

Peyton Randolph Harrison, II, graduated from the law department of Princeton University and achieved a very successful practice at Martinsburg. He was appointed to deliver the oration at the 4th of July celebration at Martinsburg in 1860. Immediately before the outbreak of the war between the states he entered the Confederate Army, with the commission of lieutenant, and he and two of his cousins were killed in the first battle of Manassas. He married Sarah Forrest Hunter, a native of Martinsburg and daughter of Edmund Pendleton and Martha Crawford (Abell) Hunter.

Sarah F. Harrison is still living, at the age of eighty-eight. She became the mother of the following children: Jane Cary, wife of Rev. Edward D. Washburn; Edmund P.; Peyton Randolph. refs:The History of West Virginia, Old and New Published 1923, The American Historical Society, Inc., Chicago and New York, Volume III, pg. 242-243 Berkeley County.

Submitter: Tom Jennings, 4/7/2005 
Abell, Martha (I8068)
197 (Research):A Victoria Wilson was in the graduating class of 1928 from Spooner High School in Spooner Wisconsin. Wilson, Victoria Barbara (I8965)
198 (Research):Accessed 15 July 2011
Genealogy of Lillie Riney
Entries: 261014 Updated: 2011-06-03 03:18:33 UTC (Fri) Contact: lillie (edswoman "at" 
Boarman, Benedict Leonard (I8046)
199 (Research):According to Clara Peters Drake in a 1991 phone conversation I had with her.
Her mother, Margaret, was brought to America with her two oldest brothers, John and Joe, and her sister Mary by her Uncle Peter Nietus in about 1907. They were the four oldest children in a family of ten kids, evidently the mother was widowed and the family had been hit by small pox. The oldest brother, Joe, was turned back at the port of entry for some reason (she didn't know why) and John, Margaret, and Mary went to live in Beloit, Wisconsin with their Uncles Peter and Mathew Nietus. 
Bealckus, Margaret (I409)
200 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. McKinney, Junior Harold (I1047)

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