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Report: People sorted on date

         Description: This gives you a list of the people born before 1500, sorted on date of birth

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# Person ID Spouse ID Full Name Birth Date Death Date Title Spouse Name Title Tree
1 I8567  I8566  William Beville  Abt 1430  30 Jul 1487-1488    Margaret Suggewas    Brendas Branches 
2 I8566  I8567  Margaret Suggewas  Abt 1448  Yes, date unknown    William Beville    Brendas Branches 
3 I8519  I8520  Miles Forrest  Abt 1482  Aug 1558    Katherine Beville    Brendas Branches 
4 I8520  I8519  Katherine Beville  Abt 1484  Aft 1487    Miles Forrest    Brendas Branches